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Certified vs. Transitional Organic




Buckwheat (shipping included)
The buckwheat seed consists of a light colored buckwheat groat contained within a black hull, which can be hard to separate when (or before its) ground into flour. Thus, buckwheat is commonly available as either dark (more traditional) and light buckwheat flour. The darker flour color is from the inclusion of bits of the black hull in the flour. The hull fragments are gritty and bitter, giving the darker traditional flours a more gritty and bitter taste. Our flour is a light flour. White enough it can be cooked with alone (straight), but still a few black hull specks to give it a traditional buckwheat taste.
Soba flour is sifted and ground finer than our normal flour. Appropriate for making soba noodles.

Buckwheat Hulls

$7 for 10 lbs. at the farm, for shipping cost information contact us @ brian@qualityorganic.com  

Do to it's bulk (10 lbs of hulls fills a 50 lb flour bag) shipping sometimes needs to be imaginative to minimize cost.

The black hull of the buckwheat seed left after milling out the flour. Not washed or steamed or anything, just run over a screen dry. May have a small amount of flour dust and may contain an occasional stem or other field debris that may need to be picked out. Sometimes used to make pillows.

Mix n' Match


50 lbs. Transitional Buckwheat Flour (shipping not included)

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