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Certified vs. Transitional Organic

Certified Organic

Hulless Oats

Organic Hulless Oats (shipping included)
Hulless oats grown on our farm.  These oats have never left the farm.  They were grown, harvested, cleaned, stored and minimally processed here.  They are non-GMO and certified organic.  These oats would look like the whole oat groats you would buy at the store;  except these haven't been heat treated and processed to remove the hulls.  Unlike the oats commonly grown in the U.S. (Avena sativa) this less common oat (Avena nuda) naturally loses it's hull in the harvesting process (combining).  Then cleaned up on the farm, stored and packaged.  Sometimes called a naked oat, hulless oat or peeled oat, the advantage is the groats are still raw.  They'll still sprout.  The disadvantage is they are harder and more expensive to grow.  This also allows our rolled or stone milled oat products to be created with much less processing.  No heating or hulling of the oat is done to the groat before it is milled on our farm.  The particular oat variety we grow is darker than varieties typically used for food.  (Whiter varieties are typically grown for food to make them look better.)  We chose this variety more for it's taste than its appearance.
  Whole groats take longer to cook than steel cut oats and cook up with the consistency of rice (not into a mush).  The whole groats are raw and are still viable seeds (able to sprout and grow into an oat plant)
  Coarse oatmeal is stone ground groats with large (but broken) pieces.  Traditional Irish Oatmeal (before steel cut)
  Fine oatmeal is stone ground groats,  also known as Scottish oatmeal.  (Can be made into an instant oat "porridge" on the stovetop.
  Oat flour is the finest stone ground groat and typically are used for baking.
   Our rolled oats are rolled thick to make an "Old Fashion" oatmeal*.  They are cold rolled raw oat groats.  Minimally processed.

*When purchasing, please note:  On this site we refer to stone ground oats as oatmeal.  What's typically found in stores and called oatmeal or rolled oats are here referred to simply as rolled oats.

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Certified Organic 1 lbs. (shipping not included)
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Certified Organic 50 lbs. (shipping not included)

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