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Certified vs. Transitional Organic
  Certified Organic

Pennsylvania Dutch Butter Flavored Popcorn

Organic Pennsylvania Dutch Popcorn (shipping included)
An heirloom variety from the 1800's, it's a white butterfly popcorn, non-GMO, open pollinated, and certified organic.
While you have to use a little imagination to taste the butter (at least compared to movie theater popcorn) it tastes great plain. It's nothing we added to it. Just the natural taste the Amish bred into the variety over 100 years ago. Our heirloom popcorn can also be stone ground into fine meal. The popcorn starch is mostly flint type and relatively hard. It grinds relatively uniform (for non-bolted stone ground) without as much fine flour as our other corn meals. It can be used to make a good tasting cornbread and also can be used as a breading for meats or vegetables.
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Certified Organic 1 & 1.5 lbs. (shipping not included)
Certified Organic Popcorn 4.5 lbs. (shipping not included)
Certified Organic Popcorn 15 lbs. (shipping not included)
Certified Organic 50 lbs. (shipping not included)